The best school trip by Filip Milicevic

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The best school trip by Filip Milicevic

the Best school tripBy: Filip

One of the best school trips was when we all were in Novi Sad.

I like school trips 'cause i like travelling,and i have a lot of fun while i'm exploring a new town.

Before we came to Novi Sad, we went to a monastery 'Krusedol'.We spent 2 hours there.

Our next stop was 'Petrovoradinska Tvrdjava'.We spent such a quality time in it.We had a lot fun in there.

Our final destination was in Novi Sad.Most of us spent time in McDonalds.But we were allowed to go for a walk in the center.The most attractive thing was the escalators.

After several hourswe had to go home toValjevo..We had a lot of fun in the bus . I hope the next trip will be even funnier.:D

Petrovoradin is on theDanube river near Novi Sad and it has a lot of underground tunnels.



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