the best of london

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the best of london

There is many beautiful places in Londonl like parks, museums, etc. but if you will be in London you have to see: London Eye - it's the 135 meters high and it's the slowest big wheel in the world. From the top you can see a beautiful views of the whole city.

Madame Tussaud's - waxwork museum when you can see models of many famous, people from film stars to kings and queens.

Big Ben - indetification mark of London; In fact it's the name of one of the clock's bells. It's in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is on the Thames bank.

The London Aquarium - it's got over 365 kinds of fish. The aquarium makes its own seawater and every year it uses salt equal to weight of nine London double-decker buses. It's on the South Bank of the river near the London Eye.

St Paul's Cathedral - famous church, rebuilt after the Great Fire. There is the Whispering Gallery here - you can can hear people whisper 30 meters away!

The Best Of London


  • sr2kb82 10 years ago

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    i wish i lived in london

  • Poroto9Chino2 9 years ago

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    London is great! Facebook: Fede Graziottin - Alvi Coirini. Pin Blackberry: 29FDBD82-

  • whitelake2 9 years ago

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    I like London.I agree it's great.But your text has got some mistakes.