The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle

There are two belief sides to this triangle. There are the ones who think that it's logic, and the answer can be found with science, and the other side is the people who believe weird things are going on there, like atlantis or aliens. The science side says that the Bermuda triangle is all a myth, and that it was just formed over sloppy research. The other side, says that aliens may be hiding out there, or that the underwater city of atlantis uses its "crystal energies" to do abnormal things, and sink ships.

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular section of the Atlantic ocean, where many dissapearances have occured. Other things have happened, too, like compasses going crazy, GPSs malfunctioning, etc. People have tried to explain this mysterious triangle, many times, and in many different ways. Some people believe they know exactly what it is and what happens there, but no one knows the real truth, about this mysterious triangular part of the ocean.

The Bermuda TriangleCreated By: Truman Arthur

What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Both Sides of the Stories

The Bermuda Triangle... Explained??

The Mystery of Flight 19 MYTH??

1. The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the "Devil's Triangle".2. The U.S. Coast Guard has tried to explain it several times.3. Insurance companies don't charge extra for shipping or traveling over the Bermuda Triangle.4. A pigeon fancier club sent 230 pigeons over the Bermuda Triangle, only to have 13 arrive at their Scottish destination.5. Critic Larry Kusche claimed that the Bermuda Triangle was created from sloppy and simple research.6. The Bermuda Triangle's name was coined in 1964, by Vincent Gaddis.7. People claim that the Lost City of Atlantis is under the Bermuda Triangle.8. The Michigan Triangle is another mysterious triangle, where disappearances have occured, as well.9. Charles Berlitz wrote a book about Atlantis being under the Triangle.10. Some people report disappearances that were in the triangle, but a lot weren't actually in the triangle.



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