The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle also known as the Devils Triangle is a very misterious place. It has been reported all the way be back to 1492. This triangle is located by Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, Breamuda Islands. Many strange things have been reported.

Christopher Columbus was the first to record this phenomena. On his way to the New World he sayed in his diary he say strange lights in a circle. Like what we would call an alien space ship. He also saw a red meteor like objet fall from the sky into the water.

The USS Cyclops was a ship with 306 crew and passengers. The ship was lost and no remains were ever seen again. This is so famous because this is the most crew and passengers ever lost in the Breamuda Traingle within one ship.

The Bremuta triangle is a misterious triangle located within: Miami, Florida, Breamuda Island, and Puerto Rico. There is many weird disappearance. The most famous one is Fligh 19.

Flight 19 is when 5 very experienced pilots said that their compasses were malfunctioning. After that they reported the oceans look very strange too. Then they vanished into thin air. When they sent out a rescue plane they were never seen again either. This is the most well known Bermuda Triangle disappearance ever.

The Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19

USS Cyclops

Christopher Columbus

There are theories that aliens are under the ocean in the Bermuda Traingle taking ships and plans in to study them. There are also theories for the compasses malfunctioning.



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