[2015] Ryan Lewis: The Berlin Boxing Club

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[2015] Ryan Lewis: The Berlin Boxing Club

The book The Berlin Boxing Club, by Robert Sharenow, is set in pre “World War II” Nazi Germany. Karl, the protagonist of the story, was in Germany near the beginning of WWII. He then got on a ship to America, to get away from Nazi Germany. The Persecution of Jews in Germany started in 1934-1935, when the Nazi Party took power. The Nazi Party then enabled laws only against Jews, were unfair towards them, and pushed them out of the country. The Nazis then started to arrest Jews in 1938, and sent them to concentration camps, where they would be beaten and killed. There are many reasons why America and other countries didn't support Jewish convicts while they were being tortured during pre “WWII”.

Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the Untied Kingdom from 1940-1945



The Nazi Party had many operations hidden from other neighboring countries, and these operations killed many Jews. One of the only goals for the Nazi Government was the elimination of all Jews in Europe, to try to “purify” Europe. After the Nazi Party took over Germany, they were already starting to imprison Jews and trying to rid them from the country. This was obviously a big problem to Jews in Germany, but Hitler kept most of his plans secret by either not letting it get into the global news, or that it was in the very back of newspapers. Since America was also in the great depression they didn't have the resources or power to be able to help the Jews in Germany, some American citizens were even anti-semitic. The first concentration camp was built in 1933, originally made to be a prison for POW. But then Hitler, soon after it was done, turned it into a concentration camp where Nazi Officials tortured and killed Jews by working them to death. Hitler, soon after he took over, turned most of the prisons in Germany into concentration camps by the year 1936. Jewish death rates went up slowly, then stayed at a constant rate, until 1941. Thats when the death rates went extraordinarily high. From 1941-1945 was an event called the Holocaust, this time period was when Hitler gave the order to kill all Jews in all active concentration camps. This act was one of the biggest acts of genocide to date. By the beginning of 1945 approximately 714,000 people were living in major concentration camps. Hitler killed over thousands of people, and the majority of it were Jews. He almost wiped out the population of Jews completely before he was stopped by the other powers in Europe in 1945. It is important to keep in mind there were a lot of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, almost 20 major camps were in Germany alone. Nazi Germany was a brutal place for Jews in “WWII” and most people today are ashamed at how poorly America reacted to this Genocide.America reacted to the persecution of Jews very poorly since they were in the great depression. Americans during pre “WWII” didn't really care for Jews. An unknown corporation polled American citizens on their opinion on the persecution of Jews. The corporation was horrified by the results. The results polled showed from 1939-1940 that 17 % of Americans polled saw Jews as a menace. So that means that Hitler was starting to even influence America when he was on his triumph through Europe, making some view Jews as a “menace”. Also at this time around 12-15% polled Americans believed in anti-semitism. Most Americans however did not care what happened to Jews in Germany, since America had been in the great depression they were more focused on getting a job and finding a solution to America's problems, let alone Germany's problems. One of the reasons that some Americans were anti-semitic was because they were afraid when Hitler took full control of Europe that he would come the the US and take over that, so Americans were afraid that if they weren't anti-semitic than they would be killed. In 1940, when Germany was on the verge of the holocaust, America started to get concerned and sent over a representative over the Germany to consult with the Nazi Party. After the representative got into Berlin and did studies of the genocide being done there, he simply said this when he came back from Germany. “The state department's attitude was influenced by the economic hardships of the depression.” this quote means that America would help but most American businesses are not willing to help Jews get over into America because they were trying to fix their own country. When the holocaust was nearly beginning in Germany Americans read stories in the newspaper about Jewish persecution and for the most part ignored it because they thought it was simply “exaggerated”. There were these type of stories in newspapers everyday and since they were so horrific people in America simply would not believe what was really happening in Germany.Adolf Hitler was possibly one of the worst people ever to live, His plans were very violent and killed many people in the process. Hitler was the head or dictator of the Nazi Party. The Nazi Party took power over Europe in late 1936 after Hitler was chancellor, he took power over Germany because it was the only eligible party to be able to take power at the time, this meant Hitler had to take out all of the other parties to be able to take power. Hitler’s goal when he took power was to get Germany out of its depression and to “purify” Europe by riding it from the Jewish race. Hitler then in 1938-1939 applied laws only for Jews to follow, which included laws like ‘no buying from Jewish businesses, Jews cannot go into certain places, etc.’ The list of laws went on for pages, limiting Jews to do certain things and rid them from the country. By the year 1940 over 714,000 Jews were in major concentration camps, Hitler's plan was to kill all Jews in Europe. He then went about this by giving an order to all of his concentration camps to kill all Jews in the camps, therefore starting the Holocaust which was one of the biggest acts of genocide to date. News went around the world of this act and pulled America into the war when Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.At the beginning of “WWII” America was not really involved in the war, at least until Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In 1939 45% of immigrants coming into the US were Jewish refugees. America in 1939 helped so many Jews get into America by giving visas out quickly. Also in 1940 before America was getting involved 42% of immigrants coming into the US were Jews so in reality America was helping Jews without even knowing. Even though America was not a very bright beacon for hope throughout 1936-1938 it helped millions of Jews come into America to have shelter from the German persecution. America in 1939 also built over a million homes, to help Jews move into houses and they also opened more hotels to help Jewish families move into them to be shielded from the Germans.

The Nazis killed many Jews during the 1930s and 1940s, America, England, and Russia did not know Genocide was happening in Germany until after the war. They had discovered over 200 concentration camps in Germany alone, and also found many dead bodies. I learned from this research that a man will do anything to kill another man that is different from them because they do not follow the same religion or any other differences. I now understand the struggle of the Jewish people during the coming years of “WWII” and I also now understand their pain during the war. When I was researching during this project I noticed that Hitler, had done so many terrible things to so many people just because they believe in a certain religion, look a certain way, or simply do not follow you. He wanted to “purify” Europe. When in reality he was only scaring the population and leaving thousands dead for the years to come. Also the research I had done helped me understand Karl better, I now understand that he was always living in constant fear of the Nazis only because he was Jewish. Even if he did not believe in the religion he was still a target. Religion is a big part in some peoples lives, and when some one kills millions of people just because they believe in something is wrong. “WWII” is more of a Crusade now that I look at it from Hitler’s point. Even though say a Jew did something bad 300 years ago, does not mean that they are all bad. Our society today still reflects this problem. Ever since 9/11 happened in the US people now think that all Muslims are terrorists. Even though a lot of terrorists are Muslim does not mean that they are all terrorists. Our society today has this problem and hopefully in years to come, we fix this problem.


Ryan Lewis

The Berlin Boxing Club

Winston Churchill

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Franklin D. Roosevelt won the 1940 US election and was president during World War II and brought the USA out of the Great Depression

Joseph Stalin

Joeseph Stalin was the dictator of Russia or The USSR during World War II

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the Head of the Nazi Party, and killed thousands


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