The Berenstains

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The Berenstains

Who wrotethe books?


The Berenstains

Interview withJan & Mike

Stan and Jan Berenstain

Mike Berenstain

Stan Melvin Berenstain and Janice Marian Grant were both born in 1923 inPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania.They were married right afterWWII and began their careeras a magazine cartoonist team.They had two boys, Leo (1948)and Mike (1951). Stan passed away in November of 2005 aftera long illness and Jan passed away in February of 2012.

Stan and Jan Berenstainbegan co-writing the booksin 1962. Then Mike beganto help write and illustrate thebooks as well. Eventually Mikeand Jan were co-writing the books and now today, after the death of Stan and Jan Berenstain, Mike is still writing the books today himself.

Jan and Mike talk about how things all got started with thebooks in this 50th Anniversary interview.

Learn more about them at their website!

Fun Facts!

*There are over 250 books*There were originally 3 charchters in the books (papa bear, mama bear & brother bear).*Sister bear was added for female readers


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