The Benefits of Online Learning for Middle and High School

by brahob
Last updated 5 years ago

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The Benefits of Online Learning for Middle and High School

Online Learning inMiddle and High School

- Lack of face-to-face interaction- Large concern for parents and teachers- The Investigation of Virtual School Communication by Marley Belair- Virtual School Instructors encourage effective communication- Using communication to build relationships- Discussion Based Assessments- Virtual Offices

- No 2 students are the same- Choice of parents for students with learning differences- One-on-One attention- Teaching as though this is your only student- Teach a child in the way that they learn

- Building relationships and increased individual attention will improve student achievement- 2013-14, FLVS outperforms State on EOC Exams-2013-14, FLVS outperforms State and Nation overall on AP Exams- 2014-15, FLVS outperforms State on EOC Exams

Student Achievement


Individualized Attention



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