The Beginning of Rwandan Genocide

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The Beginning of Rwandan Genocide

The Begining of Rwandan GenocideThe uprising of Rwandan Genocide

Timeline (main events)


TutsiThe Tutsis are typically wealthier then the Hutu. They're wealth evolved from the being cattle herders, and selling cattle to the Hutus. They are higher on the wealth and social scale. They speak Bantu and originate from Ethiopia. The population of Tutsis are about 13 million.

Hutu The Hutu, originate from Chad and typically have less money then the Tutsis. Their religion is Christianity mixed with traditional beliefs, a lot like Tutsi. Most of them speak Bantu, some of them speak French. Some of them, actually have French first names. The population of Hutus are about 10 million.

-April 6th 19948:30 pm, the President of Rwanda, Juvénal Habyarimana's plane was shot down by a surface-to-air rocket. Everyone in the plane died right above Rwanda's capital, Kigali. The plane was shot down by a Hutu above the Kigali Airport.

-August 3, 1993 Habyarimana signed the Arusha Accords, and Rwanda and allowed Tutsis to be apart of the totalitarian government. Letting the Tutsis be apart of it upset the Hutu. the Hutu's hatred for the Tutsis became stronger.

-1973 The President of Rwanda,Juvénal Habyarimana, a Hutu, ran a totalitarian government in Rwanda, and excluded all Tutsis from the government.


The Hutu's and Tutsis lived in peace 600 years ago. The rivalry started when the Tutsis invaded the Hutus land. The Hutu's are larger population but they lost the battle of land to the Tutsis. The Hutus raised crop for the Tutsis. The Tutsis where always favorited because they where wealthier and had a higher social status. The Hutu, in 1963 started rebellions causing the hatred and enmity between the two to spark. The Hutu is larger in population but the Tutsis still remain more powerful.

Pictures of Rwandan Genocide

- April 7th 1994The Hutus started the violence right after Habyarimana's assassination. The Hutu blamed the Tutsi on the assassination.


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