The Beginning of Nasa

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The Beginning of Nasa

- Created after "Pearl Harbor" scale panic after the Soviet launch of Sputnik

Nasa was created in 1958

- The power of the R-7 missile that launched Sputnik seemed capable of delivering a weapon into U.S. air space

The Mercury Project


- Investigate man's capabilities in space

- To recover both the man and the aircraft from space safely

- To place a manned spacecraft into Earth's orbit

"...This statement makes clear the opportunities which a developing space technology can provide to extend man's knowledge of the earth, the solar system, and the universe...These opportunities reinforce my conviction that we and other nations have a great responsibility to promote the peaceful use of space and to utilize the new knowledge obtainable from space science and technology for the benefit of all mankind."-President Dwight D. Eisenhower"Introduction to Outer Space" March 26, 1958

Listen to Sputnik:

The radio signals from Sputnikscared Americans, a constant reminder of the Soviet threat.

The Beginnings of

President Eisenhower was a proponent of NASA.


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