the bedouin

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the bedouin

Habitat - The Bedouin live mostly in African countries and Middle Eastern territory and are nomadic, so they travel around and never live in a house somewhere.

The Bedouin are a group of desert dwelling people who live in Saudi Arabia and Africa. They usually trravel in tribes or clans. their total population is over 21 million, mostly in Sudan and Algeria.

The Bedouin

A Bedouin on a camel

This is what the local food looks like.

This is whatthey eat

The Beduin mostly atebread and hunted for wild animals, such as chickens and wild birds. Also, the Bedouin ate rice and palm dates and planted wheat. They drink milk and water. Their breakfast consists of coffee, bread and yoghurt. they get the milk from animals like goats.

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The Bedouin lived in small huts or tents made out of woven goats' hair. When it rains, the hair doesn't let the water seep in, and when it is very hot the inside of the tent is blissfully cool while the outside remains hot.

The Bedouin wore clothes called a 'galabeya' which was a long dress with different colours. They also wore things on their head called 'shaals' to protect their heads from the suns' light.

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Bedouin's life is changing due to mining and military use of weapons. This may frighten the Bedouin and they might stay inside their tents and never come out. They now have medicine that they can take and no longer need shamans or tribal healers. They speak Arabic.

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