The Bedouin

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The Bedouin

The Bedoiun are the nomads of the middle-east, they only make up a small portion of the middle-east but they take up the vast expanses of the deserts

Modern Bedouin - Most bedouin have abandoned they're nomadic ways and have chosen and adapted to modern life - Most traditional Bedouin are sheep herders in the desert

The Bedouin

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This is what the local food looks like.

They live in goat and camel hair tents, the men would wear a Dejellabaya with a smagg (Red+White draped headcover) and the women would wear a brightly coloured dress and Abaya

A Bedouin Family


Most Bedouin cultures involve the males being animal herders out in the desert which is where the word bedouin is derived from, Bedu-means someone that lives out in the desert and badawiyin means Desert Dweller

The Bedouin ate various meats from their animals and the also ate lots of bread and rice, because it was easier to carry than fresh vegetables and fruit

All Bedouin speak Arabic and live from West Africa to Turkey and Saudi Arabia, in the deserts

During the 20th Century the Bedouin people have moved to the cities of South-East Asia and West Asia, in some places the government has intervened to supply the Bedouin with Food, Shelter and Education, in some cases they have even relocated them, but most have adapted to modern life



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