The Bedouin

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The Bedouin

Who are the Bedouin?

Where do the Bedouin live?

Modern Influence and Changes

The Bedouin

The Bedouin are Arabic-speaking nomadic people. They have a very rich culture. They see themselves as true Arabs. Bedouin means 'desert people.'

The Bedouin live in the deserts of the Middle East. You can find them in North Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Living QuartersThe Bedouin live in tents made of goat or camel hair. This material is made by the women and stitched into tents. The women are responsible for dismantling and pitching the tent. The sides can be rolled up to let the wind in on hot days.

ClothingThey dress in layered, flowing clothing to allow air to circulate. They wind some cloth around the face and neck to protect against the sun.The women wear black dresses with coloured embroidery, red for married and blue for unmarried. The women also wear veils with embroidery.Nowadays, more are wearing modern clothing as opposed to the traditional clothing.

FoodAs the Bedouin are nomadic, they must have food that is easy to travel with and does not perish quickly. This results in a lot of bread making. The Bedouin eat a lot of dates and animal milk as well.

Traditional Lifestyle

Changes to their LifestyleWith many Bedouin quickly going from nomadism to settling down, there should be many changes to the way they live. Many traditions related to nomadism will probably be broken. The Bedouins may start building sturdier, stone houses. Many Bedouin children wear modern clothing.

EducationBedouin children have started to go to school. Most older Bedouin are illiterate but this younger generation can read and write and are also graduating from schools and universites.

PovertyWhen the nomads settle down, they will mostly be in the middle of a massive poverty zone. Many tourists see these nomads trying to sell small wares to sustain their lives.


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