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The Beatles

The Beatles wanted a new drummer. Their drummer, Pete Best, wasn’t good enough. Fortunately, they hired Ringo Starr, a better drummer from another band.The Beatles made their manager fire Pete. Unfortunately,Pete Best never forgave them for not asking personally.

Who Were The Beatles?

In 1959, the Beatles got their first steady job in Hamburg, Germany in a nightclub. Fortunately,The Beatles got their own dressing room, a place to sleep, and a regular paycheck.. Unfortunately, the boys found out that the club owner’s promises were lies. The club was dirty and smelly. Their “dressing room” was actually a public restroom. They had to sleep on beds behind a movie theater screen.

In 1970 the Beatles were no longer a band. The news shocked the world. Fortunately, before they broke up the recorded an album, Abbey Road. It was, and still is, one of their most popluar albums. Unfortunately, they all went solo.

Four guys from Liverpool, England

Up until 1965, all of the Beatles albums contained songs written by other people.The Beatles recorded an album, Rubber Soul. It only contained songs by the Beatles. Fortunately,it was a hit. Unfortunately,However, the songs were too complicated to play in concerts.

In 1964, The Beatles played 53 concerts in 60 days. Fortunately, they were doing what they loved. Unfortunately, the fans were crazy. At some shows, they had to play in a six foot high cage.


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