The Beatles

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The Beatles

The Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show on this date. The whole world was watching. No one would believe the chain reaction taht happened after.

Before they were famous, John, Paul, George, and 2 other members performed in the Cavern Club in Hamburg, Germany. Ringo Starr, the drummer, joined the band later.

In 1956, The Beatles started out as the Quarrymen. They then changed to Long John and the Silver Beetles. By 1962 they became the Beatles.

The Beatles Beginning-1964

Before "The Beatles"


The Beatles auditioned to many big name record companies such as Decca and they didn't think The Beatles were good enough. They sure proved them wrong!

The Beatles are a British rock 'n roll band from the 1960's that revolutionized music. Their influences on music, art, and culture endure to this day.

Who are they?

Former Beatle members who never made it bigPete Best (Drummer)Stu Sutcliffe (Bass)Colin Hanton (Drums)John Lowe (Piano)Len Garry (Bass)Rod Davis (Banjo)

List of Shame

Brian Epstein, their manager, said they needed to change their look. They went from being "Teddy Boys" to classy gentlemen in suits because of him. This made The Beatles stand out from the bunch.

Mod or Rocker?

John Lennon

Paul McCartney

George Harrison

Ringo Starr

Early Attempts

February 9th, 1964


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