The Beatles

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The Beatles

The Beatles names were: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Gorge Harrison, and Ringo Starr. The Beatles come from Liverpool Eangland. Paul McCartney was born in June 18, 1942 and his 71 year old. Ringo Star was born in July 7, 1940 and his 73 year old. Gorge Harrison was born in February 25, 1943 and died in November 29, 2001 when he was 58. John Lennon was born in Octuber 9, 1940 and he died in December 8, 1980 at age 40.

How they got startedThe beatles were an English band rock that fromed in Liverpool in 1960, with John Lennon, Gorge Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney. In March 1957, John Lennon formed a skiffle group at age 16 with several friend from Quarry Bank school. After That John Lennon met Paul McCartney and Paul joined their group as a guitarist. Later on Paul invited his friend Gorge Harrison to watch the band, but John Lennon didnt want Gorge to Join their group because he was too young. John Lennon friends from Quarry Bank school left the group and George had became the final guitarist and then they met Ringo Starr and he joined the group and they became a band group. The early July 1959 they named their group Silver Beatle's, then at the middle of August they Changed it into Beatle's.

The Beatle's

Why they picked the name "Beatle's"They tought that it was time to change their band name so they were brainstorming with insect names and John Lennon came up with the name "Beatles" and john also thought that it was also cool because if you turned it around it would say " Les Beat". After that the band group was longing for the big break, the band name was The Silver Beatles, but while they waited they took the "silver" away and named it the Beatle's.

My Favorite song of The Beatle's is "Yesterday" i like it because it expresses love feelings and its romantic.

QuoteIt matters not who you love, where you love or how you love, it matters only that you love.- John Lennon

I think that the beatles changed the world through their music and their style. Their music was a big influence around the world, but i really dont listen to their music at all. Although i start listening to their music and its really cool, no wonder why they changed the world.


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