[2015] 1makenzie: The Beatles

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[2015] 1makenzie: The Beatles

Literary Terms1) Symbolism - Using an object to represent itself as well as representing something broader than itself2) Simile - A comparison using 'like' or 'as'3) Flashback - A scene that interrupts the present action to tell what happened at an earlier time.4) Theme - The main idea of a story5) Irony - When the outcome of a situation is opposite of what the audience might have expected6) Metaphor - A comparison that does NOT use 'like' or 'as'7) Personification - Assigning human qualities to non-human objects8) Imagery - The "word pictures" that writers create to evoke an emotional response9) Oxymoron - A figure of speech in which opposite ideas are combined10) Paradox - a statement that seems to be impossible or contradictory, but is nevertheless true

The Beatles

Symbolism"Let It Be" - "And when the night is coldThere is still a light that shines on meShine on until tomorrow, let it be" - In the lyrics, the light that is shining during a dark, cold night is a symbol for hope.

Simile"Across the Universe" - "Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup" - The words are being compared to a rain that never stops. If it is never ending, it will, of course, overflow the cup. Because the words are constantly "flowing" it is impossible to actually retain them.

Theme"All You Need Is Love" - "All you need is love, loveLove is all you need" - This song overtly implies that love is all anyone really needs.

Irony"When I'm Sixty-Four" - "Will you still need me,Will you still feed me when I'm sixty-four?" - This isn't exactly literary, but it's ironic that Paul, who wrote and sang the song, had just gotten a divorce at age 64.

Imagery"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" - "Picture yourself on a boat in a riverWith tangerine trees and marmalade skiesSomebody calls you, you answer quite slowlyA girl with kaleidoscope eyes" - This is an example of imagery because it makes you place yourself in an absurd world, and it makes you really use your imagination.

Paradox"All You Need Is Love" - "There's nothing you can know that can't be knownNothing you can see that isn't shownThere's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. It's easy." - This is an example of a paradox because all of the above statements seem confusing or contradictory, but, nevertheless, they are true.

Oxymoron"Hello, Goodbye" - "You say yes, I say noYou say stop and I say go go goYou say goodbye and I say hello" - The singers use several oxymorons to express the conflictions of their ideas.

Flashback"A Day in the Life" - "Woke up, fell out of bedDragged a comb across my headFound my way downstairs and drank a cupAnd looking up I noticed I was lateFound my coat and grabbed my hatMade the bus in seconds flatFound my way upstairs and had a smokeAnd someone spoke and I went into a dream" - In this slow, melancholy song, there is this upbeat break, in which one of the singers describes a recollection of his younger years, which included riding the bus to school, smoking, and going to class.

Metaphor"Happiness is a Warm Gun" - "Happiness is a warm gun" - This is an example of a metaphor; happiness and a gun are seemingly unrelated.

Personification"Happiness is a Warm Gun" - "While his hands are busy working overtime" - His hands are being personified because it implies that his hands can work, which is a human characteristic.


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