The Battle Of Trenton

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The Battle Of Trenton

Before Washingtons army marched 9 miles to trenton. They made a plan to rely on coordinating attacks in 3 different positions, John cadwalader’s troops would block off reinforcements from the south, and James Ewing would take 700 militia across the river to trenton ferry to seize the bridge so no Hessians could escape, and washingtons army would walk 9 miles to trenton to launch a pre-dawn attack. Trenton was a small town with about 100 houses with only 2 main streets.The Continental army disrupted Hessian supplies, so they couldn't get reinforcements, guns, ammo, or Medical AID. Trenton lacked city walls and fortifications so there was no cover fire. Washington's army caught the Hessians off guard, and shortly after the fierce resistance, the Hessians surrendered and the Continental army captured over 900 of britain's troops. But only a few troops escaped across “assunpink creek”. By noon, washington's army had moved across the delaware back to philadelphia. By defeating the european army, the colonials reduced fear that the hessians had caused earlier that year after fighting in New York.

The Battle of TrentonDecember 25-26, 1776

George WashingtonBorn-DeathFeburary 22, 1732-December 14, 1799First president of United States (1789-1797)Led Continental army to victory over Great Britain in the Revolutionary warFamous Line “I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet.”Washington was the Commander-in-chief of the American revolutionary forces.

What Happend In The Battle Of Trenton?

Trenton, Germany. Trenton is a very small town with about 100 houses, and only 2 main streets.

Washington:Wounded 86 hessiansCaptured 906 hessiansKilled 22 hessians

What Happend In The Battle Of Trenton?

This battle was significant because it inspired others to join as new recruits and ranks to fight against the British


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