The Battle of the Marne

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World War I

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The Battle of the Marne

The Battle of Marne

The battle of the Marne was the first counter attack the French made against the Germans. The French were aided by the British Expenditionary Force. The counter attack started on September 9th.

The Battle of the Marne of France's last defence from the Germans reaching Paris. This crushed the Germans plans of defeating the French in a matter of 6 weeks. This also caused the war to be dragged out to 4 years.

The German defeat at the early stages of the battle lead to a retreat. The Germans fell back to fortified trenches to defend. The French and the British forces were unable to break the German line.

Frances victory at the Battle of the Marne marked the beginning of Trench warfare. This battle had the usage of trench by both French and Germans. The Germans used them after retreating and the French to repel the Germans.

During the battle taxis ferried about 6,000 reserve soldiers to the front line to turn the tide of the battle. The French had about 250,000 casualties. The Bristish forces lost about 12,733 soldiers.



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