The Battle of Stalingrad

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World War I

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The Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad

The Battle of Stalingrad was an unnecessary battle. The Germans could have easily bypassed the city. The only reason they did not was because Hitler wanted to prove his dominance over Russia. Had they bypassed Stalingrad there is a good chance the Germans would have won World War II.

The map below shows Stalingrad in during World War II.

In early 1942 the Germans were pushing towards the oil fields in the Caucasus. Hitler then commenced Fall Blau (Case Blue) an attack on Russia on June 28, 1942. When it became obvious that Hitler was planning to attack Stlaingrad, Commissar Nikita Kruschev ordered Lt. General Vasiliy Chuikov and the newly formed 62nd Army to defend the city.

The picture below shows German soldiers and a supporting StuG III assault gun advancing towards the city center.

After five months of brutal urban warfare the last of the Axis in Stalingrad finally surrendered. The total number of killed or missing was near two million men.

In the picture above, a Russian soldier takes a German prisoner.

The picture above shows some of the 91,000 German prisoners of war.

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