The Battle of Monmouth

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The Battle of Monmouth

The Battle of Monmouth6/28/1778

By: Sarina LoPresti and Niki Vanselow

Capture the Flag Instructions1. Have all of the red players in jail2. Have the blue team stand farther behind the red team3. The red team is allowed to leave the jail.4. The blue team is allowed to follow at a fast walk5.The blue team should catch up with the red team, before the red team reaches their side.6.The red team now has to try to get the flag, but the blue team only has to defend their flag.7.The red captain can make the call to retreat after one minute.

ResultsThe American Patriots won the battle when the British retreated into the Hudson River.

SummaryThe Battle of Monmouth was a great victory for the Amercians. The battle started on June 28, 1778 and also ended on that same day. George Washington was the military leader for the rebelious Americans, while Sir Henry Clinton was the leader for the rival British. There were many people involved, including: the American Patriots, the British Army, The Patriots leader- George Washington, Sir Henry Clinton for the British, and a wealthy French man named Marquis de Lafayette who helped fight for the Patriots. The Patriots had a very effecient tactic, they would attack while the British were retreating to replenish their supplies. The Americans caught up to the British who were already retreating to regain supplies. Speaking of retreating, The Hudson was one of the landforms that affected the battle because it helped the battle end sooner, for the British, who retreated into it's waters. The Patriots technically won the battle because the British retreated. A few important facts, were that the Patriots had help from allies. Marquis de Lafayette was one of them, who supplied clothing for the men with his own money. Another one of their helpers was a Prussian man named Baron Friedrich von Steuben. The Significance of the battle, was that it ended the battle in the north. This encouraged the American's that they could win the war in the south as well.

Other Imprortant FactsThe Americans had help from a few allies. One was Marquis de Layfayette, who supplied clothing for the American troops. Anothre , was a Prussion man named Baron Friedrich von Steuben. The Battle of Monmouth ended the war in the north.

George Washington was the military leader of the Patriots, and Sir Henry Clinton lead the British Army.

-American Patriots- British Army-George Washington-Sir Henry Clinton-Marquis de Lafayette

StrategiesThe Patriots used the strategy of attacking when the British were retreating.

Actions/EventsThe Patriots caught up with the retreating British and attacked. The British retreated again

Landforms That Affected the BattleThe Hudson River affedcted the battle to end sooner. The British were able to retreat into its waters.

Significance of the BattleThe battle was significant, because it ended the war in the north. The Americans had won the north and it encouraged them to win the south too.

Monmouth, NewJersey

Music Clip From the 1700's

Video Clip of The Battle of Monmouth

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