The battle of Iwo Jima

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World War II

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The battle of Iwo Jima

The Men or"The Heros" These six men where the Heros of World War 2 just from a simple flag raising caught on camers: - Harlem Block: he was a United States Marine in WW2 and he died in action shortly after the raising- Franklin Sousley: he was a United States Marine in WW2 and died in action shortly after the raising - Micheal Strank: he was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps in WW2- Rene Gagnon: he was a United States Marine in WW2 - Ira Hayes: a Pima Native American and a United States Marine - John Bradley: a United States Navy Corpsman in WW2

The Importance of this Historical Moment The raising of the flag at Iwo Jima was the moment that gave the Americans hope. When a flag is raised in war, it symbolizes victory; this was no acception. Although believed by the Americans to be the one and only flag raised, it was not. This was the sencond flag raised, but the only one caught on camera. There were 6 men who were involved in this moment, but only 3 lived to testify to this amazing moment that changed the American's fear into hope during World War 2.

The Battle of Iwo Jima

The Battle of Imo Jima was foughtbetween the American's and the Japanese from February 19 till March 26, 1945. The Japanese occupied this island and used it as an "eye" to seebombers who were about to bomb Tokyo. The island had no vegitation, but it did have caves and rock that made the island the perfect war fortress for the Japanese. The American's saw this peice of land as a prime place for damaged planes, a landing spot, and a place where planes could fill up on their way out. That is why this islandwas so important to both the American and the Japanese and neither would give up easily. When the American's landed on the island the Japanese werenowhere to be found. This was becausethey were hidden underground and in caves. It was not long beofore the American's figured this out.Five days into the battle, six men were sent to the top of the mounted, located on the middle of the island,to put up the American flag. This iswhere the story begins. Emily Battles March 19, 2014


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