The battle of Gaugamela

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The battle of Gaugamela

MOVEMNTS The movements of this battle wasn't simple.In this battle Alexander the Great won ,althought he has a simple army but nevertheless the Army of Dario lll was more complex bacause after the war of Issus he has two years to form a new and very big army, the war was won by Alexander because he had a complex plan to won the batttle this plamnwas created in the previus night , this plan was too recent so Alexander knew that the army of Dario was more big and was better and it prepared a plan to won this army. He prepared many movements that in the battle his soldiers did the movements exactly as he wanted. This battle was the finally battle, because the kingdom of Persia surrendered and The Macedonians conquered Persia.

WHAT WAS THE BATTLE OF GAUGAMELA ? Are a fight beetween the Persian army led by the King Dario III and the Macedonian army under the commandof Alejandro Magno (The Great). This battle was won for the Macedonian army and this victory was considerated a maestrapiece of military tactics


FINALLY MOVEMENT This is the finnally movement in the war. This movement was the finnaly because the army of Persia hadn't defenses and the king Dario lll was rodeated by the soldiers of Macedona equal than the war o Issus the Persian army fleed from them. Alexander the great and the Macedonian army won the war and in the year 329 BC Alexander the Great was considerated the King of Persia.

The battle of Gaugamela was very important to the life of Alexander the Great because it was the greatest victory in his life and it discoverad his grat vision from the military tactics, and in two years ago to finidh this battle Alexander Magno was proclamaded the king of Persia and it expanded her kingdom


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