[2015] group 8: The Battle of Cowpens

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[2015] group 8: The Battle of Cowpens

Battle of Cowpens 1781

Battle of Cowpens

British Army

Continental Army

This battle led to Yorktown

*1,100 British soilders / loyalist *General Banastre Tarleton * 110 killed * 200 wounded * 712 captured

*1,000 Rifleman / Militia* General Daniel Morgan *25 killed *124 wounded

The battle of cowpens was located in South Carolina in a place called Cherokee on January 17,1781

The Battle of Cowpens took place on Janurary 17, 1781 in South Carolina.The battle only lasted for about an hour but still caused major casualties to the British side

German leaders and forces helped by creating betting guns that have more accuary and range

Battle of Cowpens

The battle of Cowpens led to Yorktown

Daniel Morgan and Nathaniel Greene led the troops throughout the Battle of Cowpens. Morgan mostly used his knowledge to his advantage and motivated the troops. On the other hand, Greene used his physical ability to help out. John Eager Howard had the same responsibility as Morgan. He helped plan and position the soldiers in order to achieve victory. Andrew Pickens and George Washington’s second cousin, William Washington, were key fighters in this battle. Pickens was a fighting elder who would risk his life in order to get his independence. William Washington got himself in a predicament, but failed to execute.

Key Patriots

Significance*Pushed Cornwallis's troops up north which led to the battle of Yorktown.* Crushed British morale for the rest of the war.*Caused major British deaths and injuries .


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