The Battle of Bunker Hill

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The Battle of Bunker Hill

THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL by Christian Ryland Pornschloegl

Boston-1775When Colonel Prescott learned that the British troops were being sent to surround Boston, he was ordered to fortify Bunker Hill. (Breed's and Bunker Hills overlook Boston). Prescott disobeyed orders when he realized Breed's Hill had a better fighting point. The British landed at Charleston and marched towards the hills hoping to defeat the colonial rebels and regain control of Boston. The American's were low on ammunition, having only 5 shots per soldier. Why did Colonel Prescott order his soldiers not to fire until they saw the whites of their eyes? Prescott knew it was easier to hit a closer target and the Americans were very low on amunition. This was the only way the Americans' could have a chance at winning the battle. The British lost almost 1,000 soldiers while the Americans only lost 300 men. Unfortunately, the Americans lost the battle of Bunker Hill. What did each side learn from fighting this battle? The Americans learned that they could possibly defeat the British. While the British won Bunker Hill, they realized that the American militia was going to be a difficult adversary to defeat.

General Puntem (Colonist)

Colonel William Prescott (Colonist)

General William Howe (British)


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