The Battle of Bull Run

by DuncanGerkin
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Social Studies
American History

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The Battle of Bull Run

The Battle of Bull Run

Confederate Commanders:Joseph E. Johnston and P.G.T. Beauregard

Union Commanders:Irvin McDowell and Robert Patterson

The BattleMcDowell planned to suprise Beauregard from behind with a third of his army. This was supposed to keep the South from retreating back to Richmond.The plan went wrong from the start, the South saw it coming. Even with their plan foiled, the Union was able to send the Confederate army retreating, or at least most of it. Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and his men refused to retreat. This inspired confederate soldiers. The tide turned the South's way when Jackson captured the Union artillery. At the same time the Confederate reinforcements arrived. The Union Soldiers began to retreat and were disorganized. The Confederate forces had rallied and won the battle.

CasualtiesUnion: 460 killed1,124 wounded1,312 missingConfederacy: 387 killed1,582 wounded13 missing



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