The Battle of Britain

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World War II

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The Battle of Britain

The Battle Of Britain

How Was It Fought?The Battle Of Britain was an air-battle that went for 3 months and 3 weeks from July 10 1940 to October 31 1940. The entire battle was fought between the RAF (British Air Force) and the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). Germany was trying to destroy the RAF and weaken its defences so that they could invade and conquer Britain, like they had conquered the rest of Europe

Why Did It Happen?After Hitler had conquered most of Europe, he wanted to conquer England. This would remove the largest threat to the Nazi Army. Much like before, Hitler used the Blitzkrieg tactic and attempted to remove Britain's defences with aircraft first.

What Was It Like At Home?The British Population were under extreme stress. Whenever an air-raid siren sounded, they all had to run into bomb shelters. These air-raids happened day and night. At first, the Luftwaffe focused on military targets, but later on they tried to scare Britain into surrendering by bombing major cities.

How Did Britain Win?Technologically, the RAF and Luftwaffe were evenly matched. However, the Luftwaffe were lower in resources because of their vital role in conquering other countries.The British also had a RADAR system which warned them when an Air-Raid was happening. This removed the element of surprise that the Luftwaffe had relied on.The Battle of Britain was another war of attrition, and this time, the British managed to hold out.

Stuka Dive Bomber

The Stuka Dive Bomberwas very effective athitting individual targets.It's slow speed meant thatafter bombing it's target, itwas easily shot down byRAF Fighters.The Stuka had a hugeimpact on civillians due tothe terrifying sound itmade when diving.

Supermarine Spitfire

The Supermarine Spitfire is oneof the most famous planes inhistory. It could reach speedsclose to 600kph and was armedwith two 20mm cannons and four .303 machine guns.The Spitfire was used a lot inRAF propoganda. It was veryagile, quick to take off and it wasknown as the plane that won the battle.


The BF-109 was the most common fighter the Luftwaffe used. It was used for bomber protection, intercepting enemy fighters and tactical bombing.It was easily one of the best performing planes in WW2 and its superiority gave the Luftwaffe the edge in the early days of the war. It was equalled by the likes of the Spitfire, the Hurricane and the US Mustang.

Hawker Hurricane

The Hawker Hurricane was a cheap aircraft that didn't quite perform as well as the BF-109 or the Spitfire, however it was very easy to fly. The Hurricane actually was responsible for 60% of the planes shot down in the battle.The Hurricane is famous for being made out of canvas. This made it light and easy to fly, and bullets didn't affect the handling much.


The HE-111 was the most common bomber the Germans used. It would drop 2 tonnes of bombs and 12-24 bombers were used per squadron. Due to their slow speed (450kph) they were easily shot down by RAF fighters if they were not protected.

The AftermathThis was the first time the Nazi Army lost a battle. The German people quickly lost faith in the Nazis who were previously invincible.Defeating the Luftwaffe cost the Germans lots of resources and any attempts to invade other countries was very difficult.The Allied forces were inspired by this victory and now it seemed like the war could be won.

What Happened?Germany would send squadron after squadron of bombers and fighters to England. The fighters were used to defend the bombers, while the bombers were used to destroy ground targets. These skirmishes sometimes had close to 100 or more planes in the air at once.

The Turning Point of WWII


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