The Battle at Fort Sumter

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The Battle at Fort Sumter

The Battle at Fort Sumter, April 12-13, 1861By Luca D'Agostino

What Happened?The Battle at Fort Sumter was a quick battle. It would've been the first battle of the war, but The First Battle at Bull Run was the real first. The battle lasted two days, and it was unclear who was going to win. General Robert Anderson and the Union did not fire for two hours after the start. Finally, at 7:00 AM, Captain Abner Doubleday of the Union shot first at the Confederates. The battle lasted two days, and, amazingly, no lives were lost. The Union had only eighty soldiers vacating Fort Sumter, and the Confederates had more than six times the troops than the Union. Five hundred, to be exact. Eventually, the Confederacy won, and the Union evacuated. Sadly, there were a couple casualties during the evacuation.

Fort Sumter

The Map of the Battle

Important people of The Battle at Fort SumterOn April 12th, 1861, General P.G.T. Beauregard of the Confederacy opened fire at the Union soldiers at Fort Sumter. At 2:30 PM the next day, Major Robert Anderson surrendered to the Confederacy. Then the fort was evacuated the next day. The fort was like a brick wall, but General Beaureguard found a way to penetrate its walls. They used muskets, boats, and cannons to tear the wall slowly. The Civil war started off with a bang because of his brave leadership.


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