[2014] RosaOwen18 (7th Period US History): The Battery

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[2014] RosaOwen18 (7th Period US History): The Battery

The Battery



- A copper pipe with a iron rod in the center.- Acid liquid that could provide the electrolyte element to bring the battery to life.- Can change chemical energy to electricity by putting certain chemicals in contact with each other in specific ways.- When electrons flow this makes an electrical current that can power an object.- A container consisting of one or more celles in which chemical energy is converted into electricity and used as a source of power.- Puts chemicals into the container when the batterry has a wire conected on each end causeing the electrons to flow, which causes power.

- The battery sends electricity through the wires so that it can cause objects to run/work.-Batteries earn the number nine spot out of the inventions in the Industrial Revolution.-The first battery was invented by Alessandro Volta in the year 1800. It was a pair of copper and zinc discs separated by cloth or cardboard. It didn't produce a huge current, but it led to modern-day batteries.

The Importance Of The Battery

- Batteries can last for years and years of use giving electricity to remotes and flashlights and many other things we use daily. Batteries earn the number nine spot out of the inventions in the Industrial Revolution.

How The Battery Impacts Life Now

-Batteries are part of our everyday life. A day would not last without using our hand phones. Every time we go out, we either drive our car or take a public vehicle. We use a remote control to switch channels while watching television. We unconsciously bump with batteries in everyday events.- Portability is what makes batteries so important. Can you imagine using your hand phones, cameras, remote control, flash lights, wristwatches and cars plugged in to electrical outlets? It would be so difficult and troublesome. The convenience brought by batteries led to the invention of more gadgets, appliances and equipment that make use of them.

What Is The Battery?

How The Battery Impacted Life During The Industrial Revolution


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