[2015] Nicholas Fernandez: The Batboy

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[2015] Nicholas Fernandez: The Batboy

The BatboyBy:Mike Lupica 



The theme for the Batboy is to never give up on your dreams. I know this because dreams do come true. For example Brian wrote a letter to the Tigers' coach asking to be the batboy for them, but he said no because Brian was too young. Then Brian tried again and the coach changed his mind and said yes he could be the batboy becuase the coach needs more people like Brian that shows passion for the game. That shows that Brian's dreams do come true


The charactors for the Batboy book was Brian Dudley, the batboy for the Tigers and is a very nice kid. Hank Bishop was third basemen for the Tigers and likes Liz Dudley. Liz is Brian's mom and is very independent.

The setting for this book is in Comerica park, and at Rolay Oak baseball park.

I would recommend this book because it is a very interesting and you don't know what would happen next. Also, it shows you to never give up even when it doesn't go your way.




Brian Dudley is having the best summer job he could imagine: the batboy for his hometown major-league team (Detroit Tigers). Brian thinks the job will bring him and his big-leaguer dad closer together. He thought the summer could never get better, but it did his favorite baseball player (Hank Bishop) has gotten signed to the ditroit tigers. Until he finds out Hanks true colors, and learns that life could throw you a curveball.


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