The Barn Spider

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The Barn Spider


DescriptionThe Barn Spider is an orb weaver, a spider that spins its web in a circle-type shape. This orb weaver is about 3/4 inch long with a large round abdomen. It spins a large orb web, hangs its head down in the middle at night and retreats to a nearby crevice during the day. This spider is a dark brown color, with darker markings on the back of the abdomen. Its legs are slightly covered with whitish hairs.

Food The Barn Spider preys on flying and crawling insects that become trapped in her orb web. The spider will vibrate or sway the web if she senses that prey may be caught in it. The web itself is used to wrap the prey and soon becomes full of holes and ragged. After several days, the spider will eat the web, recycle the silk, and construct a new web.

Habitat Barn Spiders are found all over the eastern part United States. They can be found on porches near lights, in the corners of doorways, in window frames -- anywhere where they can construct the large orb web. You can even find them on the sides of cliffs, in caves, and in barns! In late afternoon and at night, the barn spider can be seen hanging in the center of its web. During the day, the barn spider will retreat to a nearby crack and return to its web the next night.

DefenseThe Barn Spider's shadowy brown colour helps to camouflage it. During the day it retreats into a crevice near the web. If disturbed while on the web, a barn spider will run to one side, drop off or hide in a crevice.

In Charlotte's Web, Charlotte was a barn spider. You should read the book.


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