[2015] Roger McCurdy: The Barcode Rebellion

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[2015] Roger McCurdy: The Barcode Rebellion

Author: .Suzanne Weyn

Title: The Barcode Rebellion

Quotes"Ironic isn't it?" -Dusa, 58 (The whole book is ironic and a bit predictable.)"Global-1 will be undone!" -anonymous Drakian, 71 (The entire goal of the book was to take down Global-1 and it did happen.)"And there was a sixth clone. KM-6." - Weyn, 208(Part of the main story-line was the fact that Kayla was one of six clones.)

CharactersKayla: protagonist, braveMfumbe Taylor: Kayla's boyfriend, part of the resistanceDusa: "Drakian", resistance memberAmber: Kayla's childhood best friendJack: "Drakian", part of the resistanceAllyson: Student at Caltech University, friend of KaylaGlobal 1: Mega-corporation, maker and users of the barcode tattoos, antagonist

Roger's Book Report




Kayla is the main character in this book. She has joined the barcode resistance group, Decode, and is living in the Adirondack Mountains. Kayla is a very brave seventeen year old girl whose family is gone. Throughout the book Kayla faces and overcomes many obstacles.

The symbol I chose for this book is broken bars. This is both a figurative and physical symbol. The figurative side is the fact that Kayla leads all Americans out of the oppression of the barcode. The literal interpretation is that they break the bars of the barcode.

The setting takes place in future America beginning in the year 2025. The setting moves from the Adirondack Mountains, to Washington D.C., to St. Louis, to the Nevada desert, and ends in Southern California. It is a futuristic setting and everyone has a barcode tattoo, spare a few resisters called Decode. This picture looks like a scene described in Southern California.

BackgroundThe Barcode Rebellion is the second book of the Barcode Series. The first book, The Barcode Tattoo, Kayla (the main character) avoids getting the barcode tattoo that has been passed into a new law and is the new form of payment medical treatment, etc. Kayla joins the barcode resistance group, Decode, and then this book takes place.

Literary Device- Metaphor

The literary device is a metaphor. The metaphor itself is "Hope is the thing with feathers". A metaphor is where something is described as something else, figuratively, using words like is or are. This line is mentioned at the very end of the book when Kayla is thinking about all that had happened. It was a line from a poem Mfumbe had told her.

THEMEThe theme of this book is that if you work as a team you can do anything you can set your mind to.


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