The Barbarians: Ruthless or Not?

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The Barbarians: Ruthless or Not?


The BarbariansRuthless or Not?

Traveling by horse was very useful for the Mongols. Horses were used to create mobile archers that could easily dameage the enemy


Mongols used Genocide to conquer China and get their riches, so they were barbaric in this situation.

The barbarians employed mail posts called “yams” and then, they used over 200,000 horses to travel up to 250 miles just to send a message.

The Mongols invented many trade routes, like canals and horses, and controlled the trade routes from China to Persia, which all Asian empires dreamed of.


The Mongols proved that they were not barbaric since they used their resources wisely and did not use reckless actions while working on technology, communication, or travel. The yam system was a huge success for the Mongols since it allowed people to communicate over long distances. The 2 main industries that were benefited due to the yam system were the transportation and communication industries. Technology was also involved in the yam system since boats needed to be built and adapted in order to make travel much easier.

This was is a map of the Mongol Empire. It shows the immense land the Mongols had to travel to communicate.

This is an example of how the Mongols could esily destory enemy forces using horses.


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