The Bahamian forest

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The Bahamian forest

The Bahamian Forest

The Bahamian Forest is located in Northern Bahamas

The Bahamian Forest is a dry tropical forest it is hot most of the time from 20 to 40 deegres. But its also warm with a light breeze and humid weather.

Some of the wildlife in the the Bahamas is turtles, sharks, pigs, many types of tropical birds, lizards, jaguars etc...

For shelter you would have to build it out of wood and palm leaves its not the best but it would do just fine. Another opition is to bring your own tent but if you cant this is your best opition.

Some clothing you can where if your a woman is grass skirts and for guys palm leave shirts

For food you will have to search the forest for fruit or animals that you can kill. Most likely you can find mangoes and coconuts all around on the tall trees but the only problem is getting them down. For water you can get river water and boil it over a fire if you can make one.

Most people will probably carry a piece of flint with them because its small and it doesnt run out like matches would.

Some other equiptment that a person would carry is a pocket knife, flint, a canteen, and flashlight.

Some dangers in the Bahamian Forest are the poisonous spiders that crawl around at night. The snakes that hide in trees waiting to jump on their prey and the jaugars that roam the entire jungle. Those arent the only thing, threre are also poisonous plants everywhere so beacareful of what you touch.


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