The Bad Beginning Book Report

by Harshini
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The Bad Beginning Book Report


The main characters of The Bad Beginning (and throughout their adventures) are Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. 14 year old Violet Baudelaire is the oldest of the three children and has a passion for inventing which come in use throuought her series of unfortunate events. People who know Violet know that she ties her hair up in a ribbon to get those creative inventing gears turning in her head and keep her hair out of her eyes. 12 year old Klaus Baudelaire is a reader. His research skills are phenominal and the use of his talent is beyond imaginable. Little Sunny Baudelaire is just an infant. She first started walking in the seventh book (The Vile Village). She has four amazing sharp teeth that are very useful in the Baudelaire's journey.

Book report

Name: Harshini Oruganti Date: March 7th, 2014

The Baudelaire parents send their kids out to the beach at the edge of their mansion. Halfaway into their visit to the beach, Mr. Poe appears and informs the children that their parents have perished due to a fire that destroyed and burned their mansion to the ground. According to their parents will and testament, the Baudelaire children (who are now orphans) are to be placed under the care of a Baudelaire relative. The children are recruited to Count Olaf. He is not interested in raising the children, but only the enormous fortune left by their parents that Violet shall inherit when she is of age. He makes the innocent children do all the chores and gives them only one bed to sleep on! Count Olaf grows restless of waiting to steal the fortune and derives a plan to 'legally inherit' it.


The Bad Beginning begins with the Baudelaire children at the beach at the edge of their Baudelaire Mansion. Violet staring into the sea, with her hair tied up. The gears in her mind twisting and turning. She could feel the ocean breeze blowing into her face. She could taste the salty water splash onto her face. Klaus brought along his book and was sitting under the rocks so he wouldn't get wet. Sunny was biting as hard as she could on the tasteless rocks. Later in the story, the Baudelaires find themselves at the dreadful, and sorrowful house of their "relative", the treaturous Count Olaf. The aura of what Count Olaf calls home, is filled with an evil atmosphere. The Baudelaires are left all alone, not taken care of. They are left to fend for themselves and sleep on the cold hard floor and only 1 bed!


Title: The Bad Beginning

Author: Lemony Snicket


Do you like the book?

The books in this series are my favorite books of all time! I especially value the 10th book with all the surprise twists and turns Lemony Snicket has in store for the reader. I believe no one will be dissapointed with their decision of reading this series of books. If you love surprise twists and turns and real life cases these are the books for you! If unhappy endings aren't your style, as Lemony Snicket states in his welcoming letter, you should probably throw this book into the ocean so you never see it again!

I like the Book!


Count Olaf puts the Baudelaire orphans through misery. He threatens and harasses them to do chores. He has a mysterious and unknown plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune, but the Baudelaire children don't know what their sinister guardian has planned. The Baudelaire orphans must crack Count Olaf's plan before it's too late!


The theme of The Bad Beginning is that even the most miserable of orphans, can perform amazing tasks. With evil lurking around every corner (literally.. Count Olaf is EVERYWHERE!) the Baudelaires perform amazing tasks and plans to escape his clutches!

Author's Purpose/Point Of View

Lemony Snicket's purpose of telling the story of the Baudelaires is to entertain. These books are very intense and entertaining (but not clown entertaining..)! The books throughout the series is written in third person omniscent because the narrator of the story is the author, Lemony Snicket. For example, in The Bad Beginning, Lemony Snicket says "the children are resourceful, intelligent, and talented.. but luck isn't always on their side." This is an example of the book being written in third person omniscent.


The Series of Unfortunate Events Book #1

As you know, Count Olaf derived a plan to marry Violet and inherit the fortune...but usually there is a happy ending to a book like this. There's some good news and some bad news in the ending Lemony Snicket's research has provided him with. GOOD NEWS:- The good news at the ending of this book is that Violet indeed does escape from marrying Count Olaf. At the end of the marriage, Violet must sign a legal document to confirm the marriage after saying "I do." This document is not legal unless signed by the bride's legal hand (in this case, Violet's right hand), but to avoid this awful marriage with Count Olaf, Violet signs the document with her left hand. After Count Olaf reveals his plan to the audience Violet announces her action.

The Baudelaires are enjoying their time on Briny Beach. Mr. Poe (who is now in charge of the fortune Violet will inherit when she is of age) joins them and informs the Baudelaire children that their parents have perished in a terrible fire that engulfes their mansion and every one of their posessions. The Baudelaires stay with Mr.Poe and his family until they are recruites to a great uncle's of their's (according to their parents' will and testament). Count Olaf is very eager to raise the children. After realizing that he will not inherit the fortune, Count Olaf derives an onimous plan to steal the Baudelaire fortune. He performs a 'play' The Marvelous Marriage as an attempt to legally marry Violet and inherit the fortune by law...Violet puts an end to Count Olaf's plan by signin gthe legal document with her left hand instead of her dominate hand (her right hand) and therefore is not legally married to Count Olaf!



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