The Baby Party

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The Baby Party

Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was an american author of novels ans short stories born on september 24,1896 and died on December 21,1940. He is consideres as one of the greatest american writers in the 20th. He wrote four finished novels : this side of paradise , the beautiful ans damned ,tender is the night and his most famous the great gatsby.Many of Scott's works had been adapted into films like tender is the night or the great gatsby.He fell in love with zelda fitzgerald so he tried to convince her to marry him.She first accepted his mariage proposal but after some time and despite working hard and writing short stories , Zelda canceld the engagement because francis proved that he was unable to support her.


Name: SELMA ALAOUI Date: 15/01/2014

Author: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

Book report

The beginning of the story talks about solace that john found by taking care of his two and half year old daughter while he felt old . Someday,the daughter named Ede was invited to a party in a friend's house but she caused a lot of trouble there .Consequently there's been a fight between her parents and another baby's parents.

Plot summary of the short story

THE HERO(THE MAIN CHARACTER):-John Andros(Ede's father)THE SECONDARY CHARACTERS:-little Ede(the child)-Edith(Ede's mother)-Mrs Markey(billy's mother)-Billy (a child from yhe baby party)-Mr markey (billy's father)


Title: The Baby Party



Do you like the book?

I like the Book!

I liked this story a little because it was shorter than what i expected and there wasn't many events so that's not really my kind of story even if the subject was quite good.

In the story a conflict will be caused by Ede, John's daughter . Firstly it will be between Ede's mother and billy's mother,(billy is the child injured by Ede,she took the bear that he was holding and pushed him so he cried) and then there will be a fight between the two children's fathers.

I concluded that in this short story the children have characteristics of adults while parents acted like children.


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