The Aztecs

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The Aztecs

FACTS3. The aztecs was given the name after the fact that it came from one of the original places that they lived around the 21st century called aztlay which was in the northern part of mexico.4.In the aztec society for someone who was poor, was able to sell their children because they had bankrupcy and would give them income.

FACTS1. The aztecs had mandatory schools separated between boys and girls. 2. most aztecs were actually defeated by disease not war by the Europeans.

Who are the aztecs ?The Aztecs were a tribe in northern mexico that arrived around the 13th century . From their capital city Tenochtitlan , the aztecs emerged as the dominant force in central america , developing an intricate social, political, religous and commercial under control by the 15th century by many of the regions city-states.

THE AZTEC CIVILIZATIONThe aztec civilation was made up of religion, farming, and traditions and educationthe aztecs religion were christians and practiced human sacrifice and cannibalism The aztecs mostly cropped maize or corn, also madesquash, beans, peppers, nuts, potatoes and chocolate. The aztecs usually or generally wore loose fitting and usually did not completely cover the body.

The Aztec SocietyThe Aztec Society was made up of 8 different social classes which were rulers, warriors, nobility, priest(ess), the poor, slaves, servants and middle classes.The most important of these were the tlantoani rulers, warriors, nobilities, and the priest(ess). The lesser class were the poor, slaves,servants,and middle class.


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