The Aztecs

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The Aztecs

The Economy for the Aztecs was based mainly on agriculture and trade. Farmer and Craftsmen Aztecs traded goods that they would make. Food wise they traded animals such as rabbits, birds, dogsm fish, turkey and many other animals they believed were good source fo protein.The societies were made up of the nobles at the top, the commoners, serfs, and at the bottom the slaves. Traveling Merchants would buy such stuff. Money was not the way people would buy things, cacao beans was "money" to them.

Interesting FactThe Aztecs had an advanced system for writing and keeping records. Their language was called N'ahuatl, their alphabet was a form of picture writing. They usually wrote with charcoal or colored vegestable. They kept tax records, historical records, they also kept records of those who had been sacrfied. They had makeshift book that was called a codie where they had several records written down.

The Aztecs

The Aztecs were located in the middle of the Mexico Valley. The city was surrounded by streams and mountains. The empire spread along the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean it would reach to the border of Guatemala.

Geographical Location

Economy and Trade

This picture shows the geographical location of the Aztecs all shaded in green. The aztecs had a pretty big empire that extended all over Mexico.

In this picture you can see some of the drawings the Aztecs did when they wrote. Even though they used letters too they focused alot of their time on drawing.

This picture shows how the travelign merchants or Aztecs themselves would buy food. The Aztecs currency was not necessarily money they used cocoa beans as money to buy something.

Type of GovernmentThe Aztecs governemet was similar to a monarchy, the emperor was the primary ruler. The Aztec's ruler was called the Huey Tlatoani. He was the ultimate power of the land. The ruler decided when to go to war, when a emperor died a new one was chosen by a group of high ranking nobles. There were several codes of laws and if you committed a crime they would have to go to a judge to deterine the punishments. They had a supreme court and other levels of courts. The center of the Aztec government was the capital of Tenochtitlan that's where the emperors lives.

This picture shoes the pyramid where the Aztec Emperor would be. The emperor would sit all the way at the top of the pyramid with his servants giving them orders.

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