The Aztecs

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The Aztecs

The Aztecs

The location and natural resources of the Aztecs caused the civilization to grow because of their advantages of being surrounded by a lake. They could defend theirselves from other cities, and they lake surrounding them provided many types of food like duck and fish. For example, the text says, "Although other city-states surrounded the island, Aztecs could easily defend it from attack." and, "The lake was rich with fish and duck." Because of being able to defend theirselves, the Aztecs were less attacked, lowering their chances of starting over again and letting them focus on getting a food surplus. All of these geography focused advantages allowed the Aztecs to grow into an empire.

The Aztecs believed in many sacrificial rituals in order to please the gods, causing them to constantly wage war to capture sacrificial victims. In order to please the war god, Huitzilopochtli, they would wage war with other city-states in order to capture victims and expand their land. In the chapter, "Aztec Society," it says, "Aztecs believed that Huitzilopochtli brought success in battle and made the sun rise. Without human blood, they believed Huitzilopochtli would grow weak." So, in order to have on-going success in battle, they would cut the hearts out of victims to offer to Huitzilopochtli from the prisoners they caught. Because of their religious beliefs, Aztecs would go to extremes to fulfill them.



The Aztecs changed the world by making education available to everyone, no matter how different they were. Unlike other civilizations which only allowed the upper class to have education, the Aztecs allowed education for everyone no matter what place they were in the social structure. The website,, says, "Many countries had education for the upper class, but for the Aztecs, education was importat no matter what your gender, rank, or station was." This shows how every children in the Aztec civilization could be educated, even if they were a slave. Many countries today use the same system because of the Aztec s. This is how by making school available for everyone, the Aztecs had a lasting effect on the world.


This picture shows a sacrificial ritual of a priest cutting someone´s heart out for the war god, Huitzilopochtli.------------->

<-------------This picture shows children going to school with their parents, no matter how different they were.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This shows farmers cultivating food on chinampas, artificial farmlands made on Lake Texcoco, used for growing crops.

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