The Aztec World

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The Aztec World

In the Aztec empire, ALL children had their ears pierced and boys were given bows and arrows and girls were given sewing baskets.

Like most ancient civilizations, the Aztecs had the male gender be dominant, other than female, most were rulers, scribes, merchants, and much more.

There was a war against the Aztecs and the Spanish. They both wanted land the Aztecs already owned.

The Aztec empire started in the early 1200s and ended in the middle to late 1500s.

All gender children went to a neighborhood school and usually learnedhistory, mythology, arts, and law.

In school, boys learned how to read and write while girls learned how to care for a household and how to sew.

This is Quetzalcóatl, the god that the ancient Aztecs worshiped.

The Aztec World


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