the aztec empire

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the aztec empire

Family lifeIt's very interesting to wonder what life would have been like in a normal Aztec society family. There are many things we do know, although the record is frustratingly sparse. Record keepers were more interested in other aspects of society, and family life was considered the sphere of women.

Aztec langugeLanguages similar to the Aztec language have existed in Central Mexico for perhaps 1400 years. As early as 600AD, languages known as Nahuan were spoken by peoples in the area. It is believed that these language speakers came from the north in waves, settling in central Mexico.

what a calender.The artist carved the Aztec calendar stone in 1479. Naturally, it was dedicated to the sun god. It was a massive carving, 3 feet thick, almost 12 feet across, and weighing almost 25 tones (22.5 tonnes). It was carved from basalt - a solidified lava, this being an area where volcanos were common. But then it was lost - buried under the central square ofMexico City - for over 300 years.

The Aztec Empire

Ancient Aztec clothing, that is, the clothing worn by the tribes that made up the Aztec empire (such as the Mexica people), was rich in variety.Ancient Aztec clothing was generally loose fitting and did not completely cover the body. When the Spanish arrived in Mexico, the people were surprised to see them in their full armour, with only their faces exposed.

The Aztec calender

Aztec culture was a rich combination of the cultures of the peoples that made up the Aztec empire, including the Mexicas. Hundreds, even thousands of years of tradition influenced the way people lived in the society.

Aztec jewelryFor centuries Aztec jewelry has fascinated everyone who has had the chance to see it. From the necks, ears and wrists of the nobles, the jewelry has made its way into museums and today replicas are sold all over the world.

Aztec ARTWhat was ancient Aztec art like? What influenced it? Art in the Aztec empire, like its culture and religion, came from a long history - a history of many different tribes. Techniques and themes in ancient Aztec art were influenced by hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of artistry in this part of the world.

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