The Aztec Civilazation

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The Aztec Civilazation

Who were the Aztecs?The Aztecs were Mesoamerican people who established an empire and it lasted for ruffly 200 years!

Where did the Aztecs Live?The Aztecs lived in the Valley of Mexico, Mesoamerica. They came here in the 13th century

What did the Aztecs eat?The Aztecs had a really good food diet. They ate corn right of the cob, squash, beans, fruits and veggies, meats and others! They also like to hunt Coyotes and made Chocolate!


As I said before, the Aztec made chocolate. During that time, coca was mainly used as a beverage. The Maya and the Aztec both used coca beans. They thought that coca was believed to be the divine orgin, the bridge for Heaven to Earth, but we know that that is not true. During the ceremonys after the wedding, the couple drank a cup of chocolate and exchanged coca beans. Also, they believed that giving mortals a cup of choolate gave them on of their god's wisdom.

The Aztec Civilazation

It is said that the Aztecs came to Mexico between the 13th-14th century and lasted until 1521.Also, there capital city was Tenochitilan.

Fact: The Aztecs loved and played sports and were very artistic.

Fact: In the Aztec school, boys and girls were seperated because they had to learn different jobs and stuff that was different frm each other.

Most Aztecs died by dieseas called "smallpox".Cortes brought the diease from one of his soldiers that gor it from fighting someone, which that person had it. When they were fighting one of the battles, Cortes had to retreat but that soldier died, and the Aztecs got it from that soldier.

The Aztec got deafeated by the Spanish. Herman Cortes was the leader of the attack.This is how it happened. So Cortes wanted more power. He eventually heard of the Aztecs and wanted to rule over them. As he was on his way there, he meet the Tlaxcalans, who were enemies with the Aztecs. They quickly became important friends with them. As they neared, Montezuma the second thought that he was one of there gods and went out to greet them. As they meet, the Aztecs were fascinated by there light skin and the horsebacks, which they described a "beast with two heads and six legs." Also, when the Spanish fired shots, they also stunned the natives there. So the Spanish and the Tlaxcalans sacked the city and took Montezuma hostage. With help, they manipulated the city through him.Then, Montezuma died of smallpox.

Things You Should Know: Nahuatal was the language that was spoken by the Aztecs and still spoken today.The Triple Alliance were groups that banded Mesoamerican people together.Mexicas was the most powereful group of people in the Aztecs.Tenochtitilan was the capital of the Mexicas people.Tlachtli was a sport they played.Human Sacrifice was to please there gods.Montezuma the second was the name of the Aztec leader and Herman Cortes was the name of the Spanish leader. Conquistadors was the name given to the Spanish coquerors.They had tributes were gifts to give to there gods.Citystates were polities that they lived in.

Did You Know?Did you know that the name "Aztecs" was not really there name? The Westerners named them the Aztecs after where they onced lived, Azlan. The Aztecs liked and called themselves the "Mexica" people!

The Aztecs built many pyramids and did human sacrifices.


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