The Awakening

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The Awakening

The Awakening Written by Kate Chopin

SummaryThe Awakening is a book written by Kate Chopin. It tells the story of a young mother that ends up finding herself in Grand Isles of Louisiana. Edna Pontellier is confused on how to express her love. Edna is a young woman married to Leon Pontellier in the 19th century with two kids. She is not self-satisfied and suffers with the misconception of beign loved. Often she is not allowed to express herself or have her own voice and she tries to find a way to break out of her shell. Edna experiences love with different people that enter her life in order to try and find herself. Her introverted personality and emotions cause her to be misunderstood by many. Edan Pontellier experesses her misinterperted love through painting and walks ont he beach but sadly the love of her husband, children and close friend: Adelle Ratignolle; along with her artistoc expressions are just not enough to set her worries and troubled heart free. The addition of marriage, motherhood and sexual affairs drove her to be alone with the sea in the end.

Main Characters Edna PontellierRobert LebrunLeonce PontellierAdelle RatignolleMadame Moieselle

InterestingsFactsThe settingof the book took place during the late nineteenth century on Grand Isle in the southern state of Louisiana.

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"Edna enjoying her day at the beach with her son"


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