The Awakening

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The Awakening

Main Events (Cont'd)Robert returns; Edna and Robert make intense assertion of love; they break-up; Edna comes back to Grand Isle and swims in a sea; she drowns (committed suicide).

Author: Kate Chopin

Title: The Awakening

Main EventsEdna is stuck in a loveless marriage; a young man named Robert Lebrun comes into her life; Robert realizes he's in love with a married woman, so he leaves to Mexico. Edna grows more and more independent; Edna asserts her own life;...

SettingsPlace: the novel opens on Grand Isle. The second half of the novel is set in New Orleans, mainly in the Quartier Français (French Quarter). Time: in 1899, at a time when the Industrial Revolution took place.

Major CharactersEdna PontellierMademoiselle ReiszAdéle RatignolleRobert Lebrun

By: Isma KhanomAP English-1st Hour

Problem, conflict


What I think about the Novel?

Once Edna embarks upon her quest for independence and self-fulfillment, she finds herself at odds with the expectations and conventions of society, which requires a married woman to sabotage her own needs to those of her husband and children.

The Awakening is a complusive novel that shows how a person struggle to go through unusual perspectives on women and motherhood with the overcoming social reactions, awakening represents life, consciousness, and existence. This novel is based upon a woman and shows how the character (Edna) is depicted in her society and also how she face feminist criticism.

Overall, The Awakening symbolically illustrates what happens to Edna, as she begins to aware and conscious human being throughout the novel. In this generation, The Awakening has earned a place in the literary principle for the way it uses these formal and structural techniques to explore themes of patriarchy, marriage and motherhood, woman’s independence, desire, and sexuality both honestly and artistically.


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