The Awakening

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The Awakening

The Awakening

The Awakening is a compelling novel of a wife and mother, Edna, who struggles to cope with the everyday job duty of a housewife. After slowly losing care for her family, Edna participates in an extramarital affair with Robert Lebrun. When her lover leaves for Mexico and she is forced to face her reality, she once again attempts to escape it with experimenting with her interest in by painting. She begins to rebel against her responsibilities as a mother and as a wife. Her husband, Leonce, notices the changes in Edna and consults a Doctor in hopes to discover answers as to why she is behaving the way she is. Once Robert returns home from Mexico, she declares to him how she is a woman of freedom now, and how she will remain independent and will not allow anyone to control her anymore. Robert once again leaves Edna, claiming it to be an expression of love. Edna begins to feel lonely and depressed again, after reflecting on everything that has happened to her in the past. Instead of seeking help, she composes all of her misfortunes into one thought and takes her life by allowing herself to drown in the ocean.

One of thegreatest segments of the book was when Robert and Edna are together for the last time before she leaves to assist her friend, Adele. She states to Robert that she is a free woman, and nothing will hold her down anymore. At that point in the book, I believe she felt the most power and in control. It was heartwarming to see Edna finally stand up for herself and say what was on her mind.

Favorite Part

Written by: Kate Chopin


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