The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

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The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

The Autobiographyof Miss Jane PittmanBy Ernest J. Gaines

Jaisan Avery

Miss Jane might have kept flint and stone in her keepsake box. This would have been important to her because these were the two rocks that Ned carried around when they were kids and they were determined to make it to Ohio. The flint and stone reflects a character trait of Miss Jane because they represent Ned, and Ned was the closest thing to a child Jane would ever have. When Jane started to take responsibility for Ned, she changed into a more responsible and caring person. The flint and stone represent a change in Jane when she started to become the helpful and wise elder she is by the end of the story.

Flint and Stone

Miss Jane Pittman'sKeepsake BoxItems:Flint and StoneBaseball CardBible

Baseball Card

A bible might also be found in Miss Jane’s keepsake box. This would have been important to her because after Jane moved to the Samson Plantation, she found religion. She joined the church and became fully committed to God and his Word. She prayed every night before she went to sleep, and always went to church; except for when she was ill or didn’t feel good. She entrusted God with many of her large-scale decisions and actions. The bible reflects the development of the plot because once Jane found religion, many of the things she did were based off of her loyalty to the church and God. This helped her become much wiser in her older years, and helped her to become the leader of the African Americans in the area at the end of the book.


Miss Jane’s keepsake box might have included a baseball card with Jackie Robinson on it. Baseball was important to Miss Jane because it gave her something fun to look forward to and gave her hope for the future. She would listen on the radio to the games when the Dodgers were playing because she loved to hear about how Jackie Robinson was doing. In addition, Jane instructed Jimmy to read her the sports section of the newspaper to see how “her” team was doing and to see how well Robinson had played. The baseball card of Jackie Robinson reflects the theme that “People’s always looking for somebody to come lead them,” because Jackie Robinson was a leader for the African American people by being the first African American to ever play in the MLB. It gave them hope that life would become better for all African Americans in the future.

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