The Australian Government

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The Australian Government

THE PEOPLE OF PARLIAMENTThe Queen is the Royal leader of parliament and the Governor General which is her Australian representative, the House of Representatives and the Senate are the core structures of Government.The House of Representatives has 150 electoral representatives from around Australia and there are 76 Senators made up of 12 from each state and 2 from each territory.Over 5,000 people work at Parliament House when the Parliament is sitting.The Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Speaker of the House of Representative are the three most powerful positions in the Parliament.Eleven political parties major and minor are represented in the Parliamentincluding a Coalition of 2 parties The Liberal Party and the Nationals who have formed Government, the other major party, Labor, have formed the opposition There are also tiny political parties called independents who vote either way in Parliamentary debates.

HOW BILLS ARE PASSED When a bill starts out it starts as a first reading. Then there is a second reading which is more detailed than the first reading. The House of representatives debate and then they send it to other houses to be approved and have amendments to it. Then when everything is done it is sent to the Governer General to be signed.

THE HISTORY OF FEDERATION IN AUSTRALIABefore Federation Australia was six separate countries with unique individual laws, acts, railway gauges and even their very own stamps.During the 1890's representatives from each country met to draft a set of uniform laws which became the constitution. The constitution was voted on in a referendum1st January 1901Edmund Barton was sworn in asAustralia's First Prime Minister under the Australian Federation

THE THREE LEVELS OF GOVERNMENTFederal- The federal government has the power to make laws for the whloe country.They focus on things like immigration, taxation, foreign affairs, communications and even marriage.State- All of the six states and territories have their own government which focus on schools, railways, mining, agriculture,hospitals,roads water and electricity.Local -The Local Government looks after things more local that impact the daily life of citizens living in the area. They improve local roads, parks, rubbish collection, road signage, library services and local regulations.

You can make a difference by voting in the elections. Rember just one vote can make a huge difference

The Australian Government

Did You Know.... Parliament House is a very busy place, with 4000 to 5000 people working in the building on weekdays. Thats bigger than Penshurst PS!



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