The atomic bomb

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World War II

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The atomic bomb

Edward Teller, was "the father of the of they hydrogen bomb". Teller migrated from Budapest Hungary to United States in the early process of the Manhattan project. He was charged with developing the first atomic bomb. Teller was meeting with his friend Enrico Fermi, Fermisuggested that perhaps a weapon based on nuclear fission could be used to set off an even larger nuclear fusion reaction. Teller was fasicnated by the idea and presented this idea at Berkeley session. He disscussed about the fission weapon to a fusion weapon. Days before dropping the bomb teller thought that the actual use of the bomb should be use on actual Japan. He told Robert J. Oppenheimer. Robert told teller that the fate of the nation is a dissicion for the politicans in Washington. So Teller wrote a letter to them expressing his believe in the use of the bomb.


August 6,1945 the uranium-fueled atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.On August 8,1945 the United States dropped a plutonium-fueled atomic bomb over Nagasaki, Japan

On August 6,1945 the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. It resulted in 90,000-166,000 deaths. The second atomic bomb was dropped on August 8,1945 on Nagasaki, Japan. It resulted in 39,000-80,000. The total deaths in the two day period was between 129,000-246,000. Later in the months more civillians died by radiation and burns caused by the bomb. On September 2, 1945 Japan, signed the instrument of surrender effectively ending WWII wich resulted in an Allied Victory.

Lasting Impact

The atomic bomb was the only used nuclear weapon in history to ever be used.


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The Atomic Bomb!!!


The first time

Atomic Bomb

In Japan the suvivors of both atomic bomb explosions are called Hibakusha. This word means "explosion-affected people." After the bombing a lot of the suvivor migrated to the US approximately 11,000 survivors came to the US.

The aftermath


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