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The Atomic Bomb (by littledemps5)




The Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb has a few basic steps that are needed for the bomb to be useful:

-You need fuel and some sort of detonation device such as TNT.-The fuel is separated into two sub-critical mass parts so bomb does not accidently detonate.- When detonated, the sub-critical masses are smashed together.

This one mass is able to sustain a chain reaction. A neutron is fired at this mass to start a chain reaction that causes an explosion

Implosion MethodAn explosion outside the surface of a regular sub-critical mass causes the shock wave to move inward. That compresses the core which leads to a much larger BOOM!

Some Major Effects:-Massive radiation is released, killing many living cells.- A change in the climate.-Cancers and gentic defects are at higher risk to exposed victims.-Red blood cells can start to mutate.

Nuclear Fission:A process of splitting an atom to generate massive energy. The theory is that a neutron can be shot at an atom's nucleus.

In implosion, fusing two atoms is like pushing together to the positive side of two magenets.The closer the atoms are together the more they repel each other. In order to push two nuclei together, you need to overcome the electrostatic repulsion of the two particles.

To get the energy to do this, bomb makers use nucleaur fission, which consists of splitting an atom, to create this energy. There is enough energy to overcome the repulsion and fuse the atoms to enable to the bomb to explode.



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