The Atom

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The Atom

Check out this site and do the A level - AQA Module 1 worksheet. Turn it in when you are done:

Hey students explore my glogster having fun with different acitivities on the Atom.

Lecture Videos

The Atom BuilderIllustrate how up and down quarks add up

Atom Overview and Atomic StructureTake the quizzes and turn in answers for extra credit

games and review

Can you name these elements? Click on them to see if you are correct!

The particle adventure FIELD TRIP!pick up your itinerary

The Atom

check out this site

How can atoms be created?

Build Your Own Nuetral Atom. Review the questions once you are done.

I am here to help with your calculations :)

Watch the fusion of hydrogn isotopes forming helium isotopes

Let's Review Isotopes


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