The Atmosphere

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The Atmosphere

The Atomosphere:

Troposphere:-shallowest layer of the atmosphere,16km above earths equator-when altitude increases, temperature decreases-"tropo"means changing-this is the bad ozone layer

Stratosphere:-"strato" means layered or spread out-lower layer is cold,-60 degrees-upper layer is warm,due to layer of ozone(good ozone)-ozone is three atoms of oxygen-ozone protects us from UV rays-this layer is where the jet streams are.

Mesosphere:-"meso" means middle-coldest part,-90 degrees-protects us from being hit by metorites.

Thermosphere:-"thermo" means heat-air is very thin-very hot in this layer,1500-1800 degrees celsius

Ionosphere:-lower level of the thermosphere-energy from the sun causes gas molecules to be eletrically charged.-charged particles are ions-radio waves bounce off ions, and bounce back to earth

Exosphere:-"exo" means outer-satellites orbit the earth in this layer-very very thin air in this layer

Gases:-Nitrogen(78%)-Oxygen(21%)-Water Vapor(1-4%)-Dust(1-4%)-Dirt(1-4%)

Other 1%:-Carbon Dioxide -Methane -Krypton -Nitrous Oxide-Hydrogen -Neon -Helium -Methane (percentage by volume is 0.035%)


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